Hello America, It’s the JVR Update. The most impressive update this Friday is ever going to see.

Album update: TRACKS ARE GETTING LAID, down. Their being laid down. We’re halfway through the Fund-a-Bunny. Ethan Allen is a masterful producer, and worth it! You guys are so awesome. So amazing. Thank you so much! I am SO excited for you all to hear this thing…  Which is why there’s this…

Secret Site: Check your email for the secret/not-secret Jesikult.com code that you were sent. I sent it to everyone whose contributed to the Fund-A-Bunny so far.

NEW Booking Agent: Happy to have Monolith Music join the JVR Crew. Excited to see where Trent takes me!

NEW Shows: FURSTWORLD in June – Pappy & Harriet’s in July!

March Update

Warm UP with a little California Sunshine, It’s Jesika von Rabbit!!

New Album in the works with Ethan Allen, it sounds awesome.
Many HUGE thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. The FUND-A-BUNNY campaign is still going on!

Starry Nights Festival is just around the corner, COME SEE ME.

Have you heard the single on the radio? GOING DOWN is getting a ton of airplay!